Rose’s Story


Rose was struggling with simple tasks like bathing and grooming. She was beginning to isolate herself as she noticed her ability to remember was deteriorating more and more. Even getting around her house with her walker was becoming difficult; her current roommate was hoarding and the house was getting out of control! There were mounds of discarded items strewn all over her living room.  Rose needed help, and she needed help right away. She knew she needed to change her living situation but was worried sick with having to ask her roommate to move out. She had to do what was best for herself.

After a short visit, her daughter, Jan, who lived out of state, decided to move in with Rose to help her sort out her living situation and cared for her while they figured out the next steps. Jan learned of FSL’s Care by Design program from a friend and gave us a call. A Care by Design social worker was able to identify and prioritize Rose’s needs, connecting her to the right services at the right time. To begin, her care plan involved a caregiver who would come out to her house twice each week to clean and do laundry, while also assisting Rose with her personal hygiene needs. Another hurdle for Rose was cooking.  As much as she loved to cook, her mobility issues impaired her ability to move throughout her kitchen. Her care plan suggested signing Rose up for home delivered meals and she is now eating fresh, nutritious and delicious warm meals.

Rose and Jan were incredibly thankful for the services provided by FSL’s Care by Design program.    

 A few months later, when Rose determined that living with Jan really wasn’t a permanent solution they would both thrive in, Rose called the Care by Design team.  With the help of the social worker, she applied for the ALTCS program and then moved into an Assisted Living facility. Rose is now happy and healthy with a robust social life and Jan has peace of mind knowing her mom is well cared for. 

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