Runette’s Story


Runette has had her fair share of struggles throughout her lifetime. Often times, she’s felt as though her back was up against the wall with not many options to choose from or places to run for help. That is until she learned about FSL’s Care by Design program. “FSL has truly been a blessing for both me and my family,” she states as she reminisces on how far she has come thanks to the resources received from FSL. While many others in situations that are similar to Runette’s have given up or completely lost hope time and time again, she has always kept pushing through. Best described as a loving wife and mother, Runette’s faith has shown no end when it comes to keeping her family and household afloat.

It all began last year when Runette’s husband, Michael, was hospitalized due to multiple organ failure. It wasn’t until Michael had been in the hospital for six long months that Runette noticed a substantial shift in her family’s living situation. Although she had her husband’s social security and disability benefits as their primary source of income to rely on, money was becoming extremely tight. She was also fortunate enough to receive an over-pouring amount of support from her local church to alleviate some of her expenses, but she knew that may not be enough. While it was challenging, Runette made sure to always keep on a brave face for not only her husband but for her family as well. It wasn’t until a check-up appointment with her husband’s case manager, following his most recent hospital discharge, where she learned about all the amazing benefits FSL’s Care by Design program could potentially offer her. With a hopeful heart she requested more information.

During her initial phone call with FSL, she was put in contact with Care by Design’s Program Director Nancy, who Runette grew to adore! “Nancy really has gone above and beyond for me, I’m so thankful for her – her support has truly been overwhelming.” She also mentioned just how grateful she was for the smooth and rather easy process. “I really feel as though Nancy contacted every possible resource she had that could help out with my situation.” Through Nancy’s expertise and knowledge on local assistance services, Runette was put in contact with several outside organizations she otherwise would not have known about to alleviate some of her financial stress.

FSL’s Care by Design social workers are devoted to helping people in need, like Runette, find solutions to real-life obstacles. While all services needed are not directly provided by FSL, we will help you connect with appropriate facilities and professionals who will provide individualized care just for you. If you or someone you know could benefit from Care by Design, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available by phone at 602-285-1800 or click here to learn more.

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