Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 12


So let’s see…where to start? Oh yeah, I know! So, as you guys may know, I had a grandbaby on the way…well, she’s here and she’s a delight! I won’t deny that caring for my own husband and son, along with my parents while trying to get acquainted with our newest edition is a bit challenging. She’s exactly 2 months old tomorrow and I go over to the East side to help my daughter as often as I can although I can’t go as much as I’d like.

My grandbaby, Lea, is too much for words. She’s already cooing and turning her head. It is truly refreshing to have her around. My daughter is an amazing mommy, too. I couldn’t be more proud.

I am learning something new about this monster named Dementia. It does not like attention to be redirected from its ugliness. I took my parents over to meet Lea last week and while my dad just beamed with pride and joy, Mrs. Ruby Whitmore was anything but interested. Not only could she not connect who my daughter was, but she could not comprehend why she was being forced to stay in the house with a family and baby she did not know.

The initial introduction went just fine. We all sat and interacted and my mom was partially interested. She even held the baby for a short time, in awe of Lea’s precious features. But as the visit went on and the attention continued to fall on Baby Lea, my mother began to become agitated. She began her merry-go-round of questions on when we would leave and why we there. There was even twice that she wandered from the room and made it to the front door, stating that she had to get home to prepare dinner for her own family. Despite my father being there with us, and lovingly sharing with her that she didn’t need to do that for him, she persisted.

At a certain point, she became so agitated and insistent on leaving that I couldn’t bear to have her so frustrated. I agreed to drive her home, as she was demanding. I simply took her on a 15 minute drive and conversed with her about the weather and before I could blink, all her frustration had dissipated and she was back to her standard question of, “Where are we headed?”

We returned to my daughter’s home and were able to visit another 30 minutes or so before things threatened to turn again. We left before she got herself worked up and I stayed the night with my parents to ensure my dad didn’t have a rough night with her since we’d encountered some new behaviors. Believe it or not, the evening and night went categorically well. Despite the unfortunate reminder of how indefinite my mother’s disease is, I enjoyed my time with my parents and I am ever grateful that she is able to meet the fourth generation of Whitmore’s…Baby Lea.




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