Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 19


Hey guys! I am coming to you live from Room 213, here at Banner hospital. Yes, you heard me right… I am in the hospital! And across from me in the hospital bed is one, Miss Ruby Whitmore You’ll never guess what my dear mother has been up to. First, let me do you add that she is not seriously injured but I’ll tell you what…the potential risk was certainly there.

So here’s the skinny… since my mother’s diagnosis, she has probably driven a car a half a dozen times. Mostly because of that situation where she drove to the grocery store and after several hours we realized something was wrong. You will probably recall, we ended up having to put out a Silver Alert on her.

So after that point, we were able to gradually, but successfully, relieve her of her driving privileges. Despite her “determined” personality, we did not get a lot of resistance on the matter. So you can imagine our surprise when she stole, yes stole, my dad’s golf cart. My dad had left the keys on the counter one afternoon, as he always does. My mother was meandering around the house and was having a reasonably cognitive day. Until something triggered her to need to “run to the store”.

Somehow, she confused their golf cart for their car. She actually drove the golf cart 20 miles from home. She did end up arriving at a grocery store, however, and luckily someone noticed. Of course, she looked out of place arriving in a golf cart. In Sun City, you may see the occasional golf cart on the streets and in front of stores but not in Maryvale. The scary thing was she rode busy streets to get there. I don’t know how she did it but she managed to not have any accidents.

So now she’s in the grocery store parking lot. I get a call at work stating that my mother was at lost and confused and someone needed to come and get her. Luckily, I had listed myself as an emergency contact in her cell phone. I am so grateful the store manager had the wherewithal to look through the phone and find me. Side note guys, always have an emergency contact in cell phones, in pockets, wallets, purses etc.

Anyhow I get the call and I head over to go pick her up. True to my mother’s stubborn ways, she didn’t feel that she needed to be picked up and was rather offended that I had come for her. As she stormed out of the store she tripped and fell in the parking lot. By God‘s good grace, she only ended up with a bruised knee and a little broken skin. We had to come to the hospital for observation to ensure she had not broken or fractured anything. Strong and stubborn, of course, she is fine. They are keeping her here for observation and we will be released tomorrow but now we know that all keys to any vehicles (maybe even bicycles, lol) need to be put away nice and safe and out of reach. This was definitely a learning experience.

Until next time guys,


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