Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 20


I’ve decided to take charge of my life!

I’ve always been rather healthy and pretty active but watching helplessly as my parents’ health deteriorates has given me inspiration to…well…just be better. So, in honor of my newfound revelation, I am doing the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this year. The event takes place in downtown Phoenix and it is a two-mile, walk-at-you-own-pace good time. Or so I’m told (smile). I’ve done extensive research and joined a forum that sponsors the walk every year. They have been super supportive, not to mention informative.

I am so stoked about doing this, guys! In fact, I rounded up the whole family and we all are doing it. Even my mother is doing the walk. Admittedly, I am pretty late to the party because these walks have been taking place for many years. Of course, when you’re not affected by it you’re just kind of oblivious to it. But here I stand today, hopefully doing my part. Not only did I rally up my family but I have gotten my office involved as well. I single-handedly raised $12,000 and counting!!! It was astonishingly easy to do and it has amazed me how many people want to be involved.

So apparently, some of these themed walks can sometimes cover several miles and even mountains or challenging trails. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, however, is all flat terrain with multiple resting and water stations along the way. Many of the supporters walking are those who suffer with the disease, which just melted my heart. Not to mention that every single dollar raised goes towards trying to find a cure for this awful disease. Everyone receives a shirt and we walk in unity.

My team was able to have the back of our shirts personalized to walk in honor of my mom. I will have to see about attaching a photo for you guys. I think there will be about forty of us walking in just my team. I understand that there are at least twenty five hundred people that participate yearly. Do the research!

Although I have to remind my mother each time I see her, when I do, she is completely stoked to walk to find the cure. It’s almost like this is giving her purpose again. I’ll tell you, it is certainly giving me purpose. The nifty thing is that at the end of the walk, we all get to plant these super cool flowers and enjoy a celebration. I love that everyone from my mother, who is in her 80’s, down to my granddaughter who is still in a stroller can all participate. My father, unfortunately, cannot do the 2 miles but he will wait at the finish line to cheer us on and support my mom. This guy is amazing! He never ceases to amaze me.

It’ll be fun. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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