Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 4


Craigslist Cassie has got to go!


Yes, Cassie is still here and she is a thorn in my side! Apparently, my parents now have a fourth bundle of joy. Not even their golden child, Kitty, can hold a flame to this new addition to the family. My concern isn’t particularly rooted there either. The “Cassie is so precious” or “Look at what Cassie did for your father and I” are just the surface irritants. Allow me to explain…


For the last couple of weeks, I have noticed on several occasions my mother mentioning how tired she is. When I probe deeper, it traces back to her doing some random house chore. My issue with this is that Cassie is now working for my parents five days a week. Not because they needed more help than expected but because Cassie could “really use the money”, direct quote from Ruby Whitmore. My siblings and I surprisingly all agree that this is unacceptable. A thirty hour work week being implemented because of someone else’s financial hardships is hardly appropriate. What’s more, Cassie’s entire life has become the focal point of my parents’ very existence.


Cassie had a rough childhood. Cassie is a single mother. Cassie needed a little help with her rent. Cassie had to bring her son to work with her today because the child care was closed.


I could continue but there’s no need. We can all see where this is going. Well, everyone except my parents. This energy being poured into Cassie does forestall some of the undeniable red flags we know will demand our attention sooner rather than later (i.e. my mother’s failing memory and my father’s physical decline) but enough is enough. Even my dad is riding the Craigslist Cassie train. He told me just the other day a story of how poor Cassie just can’t catch a break. She now has some car repairs that are costing her hundreds. Can you guess who’s helping out with those repairs?


The next course of action will be a family meeting…or should I say intervention. We have to present this to my parents delicately. While we do appreciate the continued supervision, the tremendous monetary expense and the inappropriate nature of this relationship has got to be something we help our parents come to terms with. Not something we sling at them in an accusatory or forced change. They have to realize on their own that Cassie is abusing their kindness. I, of course, have been drafted by siblings as the spokesperson so I have drafted a list of all the things sweet Cassie has done that are crossing the line of professionalism.


Keep your fingers crossed!


Until next time,

Sleepless in Sun City xoxo


P.S. My daughter and her husband announced today that I am going to be a Grandma!!! I am over the moon with excitement!!! It’s a breath of fresh air in these trying times.

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