Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 6


I would love to start today off with some the details about the awesome weather and breathtaking scenery, however, there’s more pressing news to get to. Surprisingly, it’s not another horror story about my parent’s incompetent housekeeper, Craigslist Cassie.  It’s not even another account of how my siblings continuously toss me underneath the proverbial bus when it comes to my parents’ care. Nope. It’s life changing. Believe it or not, it all took place in a short period of time and not only involved my parents and the local authorities but also lends a hand in the heartbreak of my 15 year old son.

Yes, all in a matter of a weekend. Unbelievable, right?!? And so it goes…

Friday, late afternoon, my husband and I dropped my son, Christopher, off at my parents’ home. He jovially agreed to stay with them for the weekend since we would be out of town. My sister, Kitty, was working her new waitressing job all weekend and unable to check on them so I just felt better knowing someone was around. And good thing I did, too. Saturday morning my son woke up to find my father reading at the kitchen table. He asked where his grandmother was, and my father told him she had gone to the grocery store. The two of them sat, chatting about sports and school when Christopher finally asked my dad what time she’d left because an additional two hours had passed since he had gotten up. It was only then that they realized that my mother had been gone for over four hours. Bless their hearts…they didn’t contact the family at this time nor did they attempt to have someone go look for her. Instead they began calling her cell phone…which she wasn’t answering. I want to say that it was roughly after six hours missing that they began to truly worry. No one thought to call me, which still rattles my cage, but they did call Kitty who left her job and came straight away. My father stayed at the house while my son and my sister went to check the grocery store.


Finally, my son suggested that they call the police. Two officers came to my parents’ home and they submitted a police report. Now at this time, when it was asked if there were any medical conditions they should know about, the answer was “no”. A bad back and a flippant mouth is about all there was to report on Ruby Whitmore.  After gathering her physical description and the specifics on her car, there was a Silver Alert put out. Within the hour, someone contacted the local police station and had sighted my mother in Chandler. Yes, CHANDLER! Need I remind you that my parents currently and have always lived in Sun City. My sole reason for relocating to Sun City, lest we forget. So when they finally located my mom, she was pulled over at a gas station with a map in her lap, her cell phone on silent in her purse and that same determined expression she wears whenever she has set her mind set on something.

She claimed that she had simply gotten turned around and was just finding her way back on the map. She was, of course, appalled that such a great fuss had been made. Christopher rode back with my mother while Kitty led them back to Sun City in her car. He shared with me that not only was he scared to death that something had happened to his grandmother when she had disappeared but there was something much worse…

On the drive back, she asked my son who he was. He told her that he was Christopher, her grandson. He later revealed to me, with a tear tumbling down his cheek, that the look of uncertainty and distrust she gave him disturbed him to his core.

Something isn’t right with Ruby. Only heaven knows but we are determined to find out.


Until next time,

Sleepless in Sun City xoxo

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