Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 7


Who would have thought that Craigslist Cassie would actually be of some assistance? Please be clear, that I am placing emphasis on some. However, the place we are at with my parents allots for assistance from any source we can get it. Believe it or not, Cassie was extremely instrumental in convincing my parents to allow us to hire a caregiver to come in for a short amount of time to help out. Thankfully, Cassie has accepted a full time employment opportunity elsewhere and no longer relies on my parents as her sole source of income. Anyhow, she jumped in…on my side, unbelievably…and my parents have acquiesced.

We are certain that my mother is exhibiting some signs of early Dementia but she is in serious denial. My father is “acknowledging” that there is something going on but he and my sister, as usual, allow my mother to talk her way out of situations. When her memory fails, she rebuts with things such as “Oh, silly me! I just had a brain flub.” or “I just a got a bit side tracked.” She has conveniently had to cancel the appointment for testing twice so there has been no way of digging further into her memory lapses nor last month’s Silver Alert fiasco.

In other news, my father is anxiously awaiting knee replacement surgery. It turns out that his recent falls…2 in the last year are attributed to a knee injury he acquired back in his forties. Although my father spent his “working years” presiding over civil and family courts, his body is still giving out on him pretty rapidly. He actually experienced most of his health difficulties in the latter years of his life. And as you all know, more so than ever here recently. We had to decide whether the pain that is effecting his ambulation…which simply means his walking for we laymen. By the way, I’m learning medical terminology like you wouldn’t believe between my father’s physical health and my mother’s mental. Nonetheless, the decision had to be made on whether to operate on my dad’s knee considering his age, to alleviate the pain that he experiences whenever he bears weight. It was surgery or deal with the pain. Neither was ideal. In the end, my parents opted for the surgery and the family along with his orthopedic doctor all agreed it was the best option. During his recovery is where this caregiver comes in. There is no way my mother can be left to care for him on her own. I have to work as does Kitty…and now Cassie. Wish us luck. We have hired a church friend who volunteers for hospice in her spare time. I pushed for a certified caregiver from FSL but Ruby, of course, gave major push back. So, I’ll take what I can get.

In other news, my son has questions about his grandparent’s deterioration and my daughter is having a strained pregnancy. Oh, the joys being me.


Until Next Time,

Sleepless In Sun City

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