Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 9


Since last we spoke, we finally got my mother in to see a neurologist! Whoo hoo!!! They were able to perform the primary mental assessment to determine if we are officially dealing with Dementia. And therein ends the end of the celebratory news. The not so good news is that mom is most certainly in the more mild to moderate stages of Dementia. The tests, I’ll tell you, were quite intriguing. For example, there was one they administered where they gave her flash cards with analogue clocks. Each card had a different time displayed and they simply asked her to read the time. There were some she could not do. There was another one where they verbally told her three colors then had a brief unrelated conversation. Then asked her to recall the three colors. She was not able to.

For the most part, my mother was extremely compliant. Her acquiescence to the whole mental evaluation was to prove to the family that she is still in her right mind and we are all overreacting. Her recent “episodes” were completely circumstantial. This includes the incident a few weeks ago when she called the police on the insurance reps. Oh, and of course the Silver Alert fiasco where she was found on the opposite side of town, befuddled, looking at a map. All circumstantial, she claims.

So with this new diagnosis, she is still in denial, but we have a better understanding of what is happening in her world. Her decreased ability to handle finances, failure to recognize certain family members…i.e. my son, her grandson, agitation at her own “forgetfulness”…all symptoms of the disease. We now have a caregiver from FSL coming out once a week. Mom is allowing it for the time being because Cassie is flourishing at her new job and is increasingly unavailable. Believe it or not, now that Craigslist Cassie is not around my parents as much, the two of us have come to be pretty civil. She will drop by to see them and surprisingly, fill me in on things she’s witnessing. She even helped us get the new lady from FSL trained and familiar. I must add, FSL made it so easy. Allowing us to use our own caregiver to streamline the care for my parents. And they actually sent a lovely lady out to sit with us to help us create a care plan wherein we collectively, as a team, determined what would be appropriate for my parents at this time.

So far so good with the new caregiver, Sarah. She’s been a marvelous. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Until next time,

Sleepless xoxo

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