Sleepless in Sun City: The FINAL Issue


Folks, I think I can finally rest easy. My mom is faring incredibly well in the assisted-living we placed her in. She is in their memory care unit and although this has been a difficult change, it has also been relief for our entire family. The care and accommodations are specifically designed for people with her condition. I may sound naïve here but I had no idea that there were such extensive services in place for seniors. The Care by Design team at FSL was instrumental in helping me learn what was out there and would be the best fit for my mother.

Even post-transition, FSL has remained instrumental. I correspond with a social worker weekly via phone or email which really affords me more time for my family and myself. Granted, it is an extra expense but it is worth every penny. They keep in communication with the facility and moms physicians to make sure medications are right and that cognitive targets are being met and we are still providing the most beneficial supports for my mom.

Now, we may be doing a bit of an overkill because we also have continued to have the caregiver from FSL go out twice a week. Although my mother’s memory has completely failed her, there is something about the familiarity of the caregiver coming in a couple times a week that is therapeutic. The caregiver works in tandem with the staff at the facility and it is exactly what the doctor ordered!

The facility, by right, takes care of all mom’s personal needs like bathing, dressing, etc. What’s nice is that the caregiver can come tidy up a bit and go down to lunch or dinner with my mother and she still gets that socialization component that I know is still very crucial for her well-being. The caregiver communicates with both the facility and us family members through a communication log and it makes everything work so well together!

My dad does go to visit a few times a week and although most days she doesn’t recognize him, in the instances that she does, the love that they have shared over so many decades shines through and overpowers this terribly ugly disease called Dementia.

We will continue to power through, love each other and fight for Mom.



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