Sleepless in Sun City: Chapter 21


So the Alzheimer’s walk was a great success! Everyone showed up and it was actually a great opportunity for my family to bond. I must be honest…it was also nice for other family members to see just how much of a toll this disease is taking on my parents, my siblings and I.

Now, the good news is that there were no “incidents”, however, my mom did end up getting very agitated towards the end. Her lines of repetitive questioning were at an all-time high. I recently read that regular exercise for those suffering with Alzheimer’s is a good thing. It doesn’t necessarily slow down the process but then again, sort of… if that makes sense. So, regular exercise, even just walking, keeps the brain firing and subsequently keeps certain parts of the brain active. Again, I’m no specialist and there are loads and loads of information on the Internet. You take the pieces that apply and toss out the ones that don’t.

Anyway, back to the Alzheimer’s walk – about halfway through, my mother is asking anyone who will listen what time we would be getting home because she needs to get dinner done for my dad. Mind you, my dad is at the finish line waiting for us to complete the walk and, of course, is not waiting for my mother to cook dinner. We were unable to participate in the festivities at the end because she became so adamant about leaving. The whole ‘I have to cook dinner’ bit is not new. In fact, in the earlier days, before being diagnosed, that was something she harped on. But it had sort of just went away. The caregivers do all the cooking for my parents now, with the exception of Sundays when I go over and we all have family dinner together.

Complete sidebar… the caregivers have begun to assign certain tasks to my mother during meal prep to make her feel included. Some days she will help and other days, she expresses no interest. On good days, she will do simple tasks like chop onions or add foods to the food processor. Sadly, there are instances where she will forget the function of some of the kitchen utensils and machinery. This is heartbreaking, as you can imagine, but we simply remind her in the moment and we don’t make a big fuss. She, in true Ruby Whitmore form, always responds with “I know that.” But as I know and my family has discovered, she really doesn’t.

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