Summer Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility


Limited mobility doesn’t need to get in the way of enjoying life. Your elderly loved ones can still take part in meaningful activities. Here are a few suggestions you and your family can explore.

Play Online Games

Buying your loved ones a subscription to an entertaining online game can do a lot to relieve their boredom and keep them occupied for hours on end. Many online gaming sites offer bingo, Scrabble, cards, board games, word games, puzzles and more. There’s an endless array of games that your loved ones can play.

Join a Spiritual Community

A lot of churches or temples have ramp access. Your elderly loved ones can go to worship services and make friends with the other members. That can lead to other social gatherings outside of the church such as fundraising dinners, prayer meetings in each other’s homes, and so much more.

Encourage Safe Hobbies

Does your mother or grandmother enjoy handcrafts? Knitting, crocheting or quilting can be fun and safe hobbies. Encourage those activities.

Get them into a Music Class

If your loved ones have always wanted to learn how to play the piano or the violin, but they never had the time to do so, then sign them up for a class. Learning how to play a musical instrument enhances their memory and coordination, which can slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in some cases.

Look After their Needs

While they’re busy trying to find things to do to occupy their time, make sure they are looked after. Hire services for senior housing care in Phoenix AZ. That way, even if they get too busy playing that online game, they won’t forget to eat, take their medicine or stay hydrated. Their caregiver will do that instead.


Your loved ones’ limited mobility may make things much more challenging. But with expert and professional help, looking after their needs while allowing them to enjoy themselves should be a lot easier.

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