Support for Families: The Story of Jennifer and her Mother, Lynn


Jennifer, a vibrant and active young woman, regularly attends our ReCreación center in Glendale. At age 7, she and her brother were adopted by Lynn after their father passed away. Very much beloved by her family, she was very active in high school with sports, band and singing.


At age 17, the unthinkable happened when she was in a car accident that changed the family’s life forever. As she was going through an intersection, she was t-boned by a drunk driver. The family lost her a couple of times as she was air evacuated to the hospital. Both she and her mother comment on what a tough gal Jennifer is as she battled to heal and recover her ability to breathe, chew, eat, swallow, walk and other basic functions of daily living.


As she fought her way back, it was independence that Jennifer desired the most. Though she had a day attendant that came to the house, it was clear that it wasn’t going to fulfill what Jennifer wanted for herself. She was sitting at home wishing she had something to do when the family learned about FSL ReCreación. There she found friends, purpose, and joy. Lynn says it’s the perfect place for Jennifer, giving her the ability to have independence and socially engage with people outside of the family.


Jennifer says, “I’m able to make new friends helping people too.  Like to push wheelchairs, which I love doing, and holding hands as I’m helping a person do whatever it is they want done.” She is so respected by her fellow participants that they frequently engage her to be their spokesperson.


As Lynn describes, “I don’t know what we would do without FSL.  I’m not sure we could survive without their help.”


Today our three centers provide more than 300,000 hours of care and meaningful engagement each year. The centers offer a safe place for adults to go to during the day which provides peace of mind and support for hundreds of family caregivers. Nursing supervision, nutritious meals and therapeutic activities are all a part of the adult day experience.


If you or someone you know could benefit from FSL’s ReCreación program, please click here to learn more.


Your donations to FSL provide vital programs like ReCreación to more than 35,000 Arizonans each and every year.

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