Taking Hazards Out of Home Life


Too often, seniors and people with disabilities suffer in silence.

They accept the lack of access ramps, counter-tops that are too high for wheelchair use or, like Drew from our cover story, door knobs that are painful to use, because they either lack the skills, the ability or the budget to make needed changes.

That’s where FSL’s Home Improvement program comes in. We offer assistance in several areas to bring safety and comfort back home. Some options include:

• Repairs – We can provide you with a trusted servicer who can identify the problem in your home and fix it without a hassle to you.

• Renovations – Our contractors can work to offer solutions to the difficulties you’re experiencing with home layout, major systems or unhealthy risks.

• Incentives and Savings – Let us show you ways to help significantly reduce costs to make your property right again.

These are just some of the ways we can help keep you or your loved one safe and independent in the home.

Don’t put up with hazards or problems in your home that make daily life painful. There’s no reason to wait another day! Give us a call today at (602) 285-1800 or visit Home Improvements for more information!

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