The Music of Recovery: Janet’s Story

Client - Janet 2

Meet Janet, a warm-hearted woman originally from Illinois who found her way to FSL, a transformative community center in Wickenburg, Arizona. Her journey is a testament to the profound impact FSL has had on her life.

Illinois to Arizona

Janet’s journey with FSL began after she relocated from Chicago to Phoenix in 1971, seeking a safer environment for her daughter. Arizona was a different world, but she chose it for the better life it promised.

Professionally, Janet was an OBGYN Nurse Practitioner, passionate about caring for women and family planning. Even after her move to Phoenix, she continued her career helping others.

The Healing Power of Music

Janet is not just a medical professional; she’s also a musician at heart. She made her mark as a professional country gospel singer, touring across the United States and internationally. She once even recorded a professionally made cassette tape of her soulful performances. Though she used to perform regularly, she admits that age and a head injury have made her forget some lyrics, causing her to sing less frequently now.

Janet’s life took an unexpected turn in 1993 when a truck accident left her unable to speak. To recover her voice, she turned to music therapy. Singing through her stutter, she discovered a way to regain her ability to talk. This journey led her to create a professional cassette tape and become an advocate for music therapy, helping others overcome speech impairments through the power of music.

Local musicians play at the senior center every Tuesday and Friday

Discovering FSL in Wickenburg

Janet discovered the Wellik Senior Center run by FSL when she moved to Wickenburg, Arizona. She fondly calls it the “wise owl.” The center welcomed her with open arms, offering opportunities to participate in music events, a passion she cherishes. It became a place where she could feel comfortable, enjoy live music, and share meals with friends, making a significant difference in her life.

What Janet enjoys most about FSL is the music. Although she no longer graces the stage, she relishes her role as an audience member, soaking in the sounds and atmosphere. The center has become a haven for Janet, offering her a chance to connect with others, build friendships, and revel in the joy of music.

“There's other people here to care for you. You're not alone.”
Client - Janet 2
Wickenburg Senior Center Attendee

Janet’s life journey is an inspiring tale of transformation, and FSL has been instrumental in shaping her life’s later chapters. From her love for music to support with daily heathy meals, Janet’s story underscores the profound impact of community centers like FSL. Her journey is a testament to the power of pursuing passions and finding a community where seniors can flourish.

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About FSL

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