Volunteer Appreciation: Joyce Perkins


As Volunteer Appreciation Month unfolds, FSL is excited for the opportunity to shine a spotlight on individuals like Joyce Perkins, a dedicated volunteer whose commitment has helped build a stronger community at one of FSL’s housing properties. FSL volunteers play a crucial role in fulfilling our mission of making Arizona a safe place to age, so let’s take a closer look at our food pantry at Village on Roeser, an affordable 55+ community in Phoenix.

Joyce has been generously giving her time since 2022, making a significant impact on the lives of those she serves. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Joyce to learn more about her journey as a volunteer and what motivates her to support our mission.

Why Volunteering Matters

For Joyce, volunteering isn’t just about filling time; it’s about making meaningful connections and sowing seeds of kindness. “I like doing things helping people ‘cause I just feel like it’s sowing seeds,” Joyce shares. “I like to see people smile. I’m always ready to say good morning, how you doing, and just give people a good time.”

Living in an FSL property herself, Joyce feels a personal connection to the organization’s mission. “Being able to meet different people and be of some service to help the program that’s helped me so well,” she explains. Her gratitude fuels her desire to give back and support others in her community.

A Day in the Life of a Food Pantry Volunteer

Joyce’s typical volunteer shift involves assisting with the food pantry, from unloading groceries to setting up tables for distribution. “I just feel like that’s my calling to do,” Joyce remarks. Her dedication to ensuring that tenants have access to essential resources shines through in every task she undertakes.

In her role, Joyce goes beyond distributing groceries; she offers kindness, conversation, and support to those she serves. “It feels good to see the person that I’m associating with feeling good about the conversation or the help or the food,” she says. For Joyce, these interactions are what truly make a difference.


Volunteer Joyce Perkins makes a difference at FSL's food pantries

Crafting Moments of Joy

Reflecting on her time with FSL, Joyce fondly remembers setting up for last year’s Mother’s Day event. “I was able to cook the meal, serve the people, and just give them a good day,” she recalls with a smile. To others considering volunteering with FSL, Joyce’s advice is simple: “Go to the manager and ask. There’s always something going on there, wanting volunteers.”

I like doing things helping people because I feel like it’s sowing seeds. I like to see people smile. I’m always ready to say, 'good morning', 'how are you doing?', and just give people a good time.
Volunteer_JoycePerkins-12 (1)-min
Joyce Perkins
FSL Volunteer

Joyce’s journey as a volunteer exemplifies the spirit of compassion and community that defines FSL. Her dedication to serving others, coupled with her warm heart and infectious smile, leaves a lasting impact on everyone she meets.

As we continue our mission to make Arizona a safe place to age, we are grateful for volunteers like Joyce Perkins, whose selflessness and generosity make our work possible. Thank you, Joyce, for all that you do. You truly embody the spirit of giving back.

Ready to make a difference like Joyce? Take a look at FSL’s volunteer opportunities today!

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