Weatherization Employee Spotlight

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FSL Home Improvements has a great team that administers Weatherization for Limited Income recipients throughout Maricopa County. This team is small in size but very large in production. They work in unison and are like family to each other.

Recently FSL was awarded another sizable contract to provide Weatherization services to a larger demographic. At the same time, we had a temporary loss of an administrative staff member whose main job is billing out the endless flow of jobs. While our field staff handle the workload assigned to them on a daily basis and keep production flowing, it is the people behind the scenes that rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Jessica Hernandez, program coordinator, has been with FSL for 17 years and currently oversees billing for the City of Phoenix Weatherization program, eligibility for the City of Tolleson Rehabilitation program, and the facilitation of the donated labor program. Jessica enjoys working with FSL for a multitude of reasons. She’s been fortunate to work with a group of individuals who truly care about the community. Being witness to the impact our programs have on our clients lives has been, and continues to be, very rewarding and is a constant reminder of why she loves her job and FSL. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and being outdoors whether it be running, hiking or CrossFit and prior to the pandemic traveling to at least one new city/place each year.

“Jessica Hernandez, program coordinator, stepped up and in a very short time learned how to bill jobs to three different contracts with three funders with up to six different fund sources in each contract,” said Vinny Pedalino, FSL Home Improvements. “All of which have different allocation requirements, timelines and caps. It is no easy task and Jessica took it on like a true champion. She’s a team player and we’re blessed to have her!”

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