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Who Can Benefit from Adult Foster Care?

Benefit FosterCare

An adult foster care home (AFC) is a type of assisted living facility licensed by the AZ Department of Health Services. These private homes for older adults and adults with disabilities provide assistance in activities of daily living. Adult foster care homes offer different levels of care, based on the individual’s care needs.

The AFC Living Environment

AFC care is not as intensive as that of assisted living homes or skilled nursing homes. Adult foster care home services vary according to the home’s capabilities.

Adult foster care home owners reside in the home. They are professionally trained certified caregivers who can provide supervisory, personal and directed care for all their residents in the home. Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, mobility and medication administration is offered as needed. Each resident may have a private room or share a room with another resident based on the availability in each home.

Adult foster care homes give residents a more home like setting, with fewer residents (4 residents per home) for continued maximum possible independence. They offer opportunities for socializing, and as a resident one is free to come and go as one pleases (as their health allows). AFC homes typically provide or arrange for transportation for doctor visits, shopping, recreation and group social outings. Outside health care providers such as home health aides, hospice care workers and others may be arranged for residents’ specialized care needs.

People who can benefit from AFC include:

  • Adults with disabilities
  • Older Adults with increased care needs
  • Adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Adults who need assistance with activities of daily living
  • Adults who can no longer live independently
  • Family members who may not be able to provide 24/7 care for adults who need it

To learn more about adult foster care home options, please https://www.fsl.org/contact-us.

Benefit FosterCare
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