Why Choose Adult Foster Care


Foster care is not just for children. Millions of people around the country need varying levels of assistance throughout the day. For residents in Arizona, FSL provides a comfortable, family setting foster care for adults. If your loved one requires foster care services, FSL offers a host of benefits, all based on our motto of Faith, Service, and Life.

Family Setting

It is important to provide a family setting in a residential environment. This helps connect members of FSL together so they can form new bonds and develop lifelong friendships. It also helps provide a level of comfort not available in other settings.

Healthcare Services

If your loved one requires some healthcare related services throughout the course of the day, FSL can provide these whenever necessary. With licensed adult foster care providers and medical professionals on hand, your loved one is always taken care of.

Striving for Independence

Foster care services should empower residents. At FSL, your loved one will discover new self-confidence and the ability to perform independent activities and tasks. FSL wants to enrich the lives of everyone who walks through the doors, and this includes increasing self-reliance.

Short and Long Term Options

Different people have different requirements. Your loved one may simply need short-term services, or they may need to stay with a family in the long-term.

Outside Services Available

Our foster families can work with outside service providers in accordance with your loved one’s care plan.
These are just some of the benefits of adult foster care at FSL. If you are interested, have questions, or are ready to start the enrollment process, contact FSL today or consider donating.

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