Why Food Pantries Matter


Have you ever woken up with an empty stomach, wondering whether you’ll be able to eat that day? As a child, did you ever sit through a school day, hoping that there would be food at home when you arrived? Have you ever had to choose between eating and paying for your medications?

For millions of Americans, this is a reality. Hunger is an epidemic that seems unlikely to ever go away, regardless of how developed our nation becomes.

Who Faces Hunger?

Hunger does not affect the population equally.

While it’s true that almost anyone can fall into hard times and end up going without what they need to eat, certain groups are far more likely to suffer from hunger. Children and seniors are some of the most likely to struggle with finding enough to eat. With scarce resources, multi-child households that fall below the poverty line may have to ration food.

Families and seniors are at risk of going hungry if they do not have the income necessary to cover all of their basic expenses. When the choice between buying life-saving medication and food must be made, far too many seniors go hungry.

The Role of Food Pantries

Food pantries and food banks are life-changing, life-saving organizations for the millions of people who face hunger every day. Government benefits do not always cover the rising cost of food, and many families or individuals who are unable to afford food regularly do not qualify for public assistance.

Food pantries fill in the gaps where people would otherwise fall through the legal system’s cracks. Whether they’re a part of churches, community centers, schools, or other organizations, these locations may offer daily meals, take-home boxes or bags for the weekend, or larger boxes designed to fill pantries and refrigerators with nutritious food for entire families.

With the help of food pantries, millions of people who would otherwise struggle to find their next meal are able to have healthy, wholesome food – and therefore, better able to work, attend school, and live happy lives.

FSL operates food pantries open to the public, in Peoria, Phoenix and Wickenburg areas. During the holiday season it is especially hard for families to keep their pantries stocked when funds are low. If you wish to help those in need by donating perishable items, please contact us. Remember, cash donations are also accepted to help us supply food items as needed.

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