Why We Need Senior-Friendly Urban Developments

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Low-income seniors face multiple challenges living in a suburban area, especially if they are unable to drive or can no longer afford to own a car. Without a steady means of transportation, such as regular bus transportation, they are often left to depend on others for transportation and in effect, lose some of their freedom and feel isolated, which could lead to depression.

Even if there were bus transportation available, seniors on a fixed income may not be able to afford regular rides. The 25 million Americans over 60 who are economically insecure are still at a disadvantage when it comes to affordable transportation.

Senior-Friendly Urban Developments

An answer to this problem is the concept of creating senior-friendly urban developments. These can exist within suburban, rural or urban areas. The idea is to keep shopping, dining, entertainment, medical offices, courts, and other amenities within walking distance and/or near affordable public transportation. Ideally, these should not be built in isolated senior communities, but rather close to family members and religious congregations.

One such project in the works by the FSL is the repurposing of the Marist in downtown Tucson. By having services and shopping near where seniors live, the need to continually wait for buses to go from one place to another, e.g. wait for a bus to go to the bank, wait again for another to go food shopping, and wait for another to return home is eliminated. This allows seniors who wish to remain independent the opportunity to do so.

Initiative to Save the Marist

FSL Real Estate Services is working to preserve the historic Marist on Cathedral Square and renovate it as affordable housing for low-income seniors in the Tucson Downtown core district. You can support this effort by making a contribution to make this a reality. Your gift to Save the Marist qualifies under Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credit Program where you will receive dollar-for-dollar credit on your state taxes; up to $400 for a single filer or $800 for married/joint filers.

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