Will Social Security Recipients Receive a Stimulus Check?


In the wake of the world’s current events, it is all too easy to lose sight of those most at risk as we clamor to ensure that we have enough and that we are staying healthy. Fortunately, there are nonprofit organizations like FSL who have ramped up their services to provide free home deliveries of food and meals to our aging population.

Now, a bit of financial relief is on the horizon. As many know, the government has approved a $2 trillion stimulus bill. This historic bill is in response to the world-wide coronavirus pandemic. In short, it will issue single individuals $1200 and married couples $2400. However, many are wondering if that applies to social security recipients.

Doris, an 88-year-old woman living in Glendale, Ariz., says “I’m sure that doesn’t apply to me because I don’t work. I only receive my small social security payment. I wouldn’t even know how to get it.”

FSL researched the issue and found in a recent press release from the Department of Treasury, clarity has been provided. Social security recipients will indeed receive their relief payments and they will not be required to take any actions for fulfillment. Payments will be issued by whichever means one’s social security payment is issued, direct deposit or check.

This followed closely behind Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, implementing an executive order to “Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay connected”. Our seniors are often immobile and isolated so let’s follow these orders. Stay home, tend to our health and most importantly, stay connected to our seniors and disabled. Their eminent financial relief is but a bonus.

For more information on social security recipients receiving economic impact payments, visit the U.S. Department of Treasury website. https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm967 [home.treasury.gov]

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